April is a big month. There is the “April Fools” opener in the Columbia Basin. There are other spring fisheries, such as walleye and big trout fishing going by April. This is also the month for some special events, like kids fishing days in a couple of locations. As long as the weather treats us right, some of the best fishing of the year can...  [read more]
By: Dave Graybill   Article Category: Lakes   Date: 3/31/2014
Winter weather kept most anglers off the water this past weekend. Many of them wanted to be indoors anyway. The 2nd annual Wenatchee Valley Sportsmen’s Show was going on at the Town Toyota Center, so they chose to talk and learn about fishing instead. There are good reasons for anglers to get out on the water, though. Interest in the kokan...  [read more]
By: Dave Graybill   Article Category: General   Date: 3/2/2014
Winter Winding Down
The Sportsman Shows are almost all done. Steelheading has changed focus from hatchery to wild (although some anglers are still having some hatchery fish success so don't put your gear away yet).

Here at WL.com we survived a eleventh hour transfer of our servers to a new database center in Los Angles. It took the site down for a day but now we actually have a faster "pipeline" meaning the site is a bit faster. That's good, because soon the reports will be doubling as the weather warms.

Lot's of new articles posted. Be sure to check the Articles page to see what's new.

Anticipation builds for our Second Annual Lake Chelan Kokanee Get-together. We have more Sponsors signing up. The amount of free gifts we'll be handing out is getting bigger every day! Be sure to visit the 2nd Annual Lake Chelan Kokanee Get Together forum link. Sign up on the RSVP list and don't forget to note what you'll be bringing. Early reports are already indicating the fish are running in the 16-19" range and it's only March!
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Posted by: Mike Carey
Posted: 03-03-2014, 04:51 PM
Category: General
We are coming up on that time of year - the Puyallup Sportsman Show. A great event to check out the latest gear and partake of fishing seminars all day long.

WashingtonLakes.com will be at the Show again, Booth 357. Be sure to print out your discount coupons for the show. Print two - one to get in at a discount, and bring the second with your name and address to our booth for a chance to win $100 COLD HARD CASH! Here's the info: Discount Coupons

Meanwhile, winter steel heading has been tough so far. John Kruse however, has posted a great interview with Sean Gallagher, author of a new two volume book set titled, "Wild Steelhead". Check it out in the Audio Section.

Dave Graybill has posted a couple articles and updates on ice fishing and the red-hot Lake Roosevelt rainbow fishing.

Finally, looking ahead to spring, we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Lake Chelan Kokanee Get Together. Check out the details and make plans to attend!
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Posted by: Mike Carey
Posted: 12-21-2013, 06:53 AM
Category: General
And on to the Next Round...
Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall - with a vengeance! Over on the "Wet" side of the state we got a deluge of rain in September, over 6" which is way above our normal. But that doesn't stop die-hard anglers of which we have a few...

Uncle Wes posted Part 1 of a series on Guide Ed Iman's "Fish Camp" which features writers, guides, and outdoor reps with the latest new products. (Yes, WL.com was there as well). Check out Part One here.

John Kruse interviews Louis McMinds of EZ Marine at Fish Camp about over-sized sturgeon fishing in the Columbia. Lot's of great information!

And Dave Graybill was with us as well at Ed's Fish Camp. Here is his report on the amazing King fishery.

And let's not forget farther upriver - Vernita Bridge Kings. Dave gives his report on this hot fishery as well.

Bob Johansen noticed a report on Melbourne lake in Mason County and sent us a new write-up AND a topo map - thanks Bob!

Did you know when you post a report on WashingtonLakes.com you can then share it to your FaceBook page? It's easy to do. Share your reports with friends and family on your FaceBook page as well as WashingtonLakes.com!
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Posted by: Mike Carey
Posted: 10-01-2013, 03:11 PM
Category: General
The Bounty of Summer!
It's been an amazing summer so far in Western Washington as Pinks have dominated the reports. But there's lots of other fishing and crabbing adventures to be had.

Our latest Updates:

John Kruse reports from Oregon about crabbing and an interesting crabbing from sure product. Check it out it the Audio Section.

Dave Graybill has updates on the Columbia River Chinook Fisheryfor us. How about bluegill, perch, and more? Check out Dave's Central Washington Fishing Opportunities Update for more fishing!

Uncle Wes discusses August Trout Fishing. Then, Wes gives us a nice report on Astoria Salmon.

So check it out and join in the Bounties of Summer!
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Posted by: Mike Carey
Posted: 08-30-2013, 06:46 AM
Category: General
 Top Lakes Scoreboard
#1Conconully ReservoirOkanogan4.26624.257485348
#7Conconully LakeOkanogan3.85623.852459347
#18Dry FallsGrant3.65623.647058549
#28West MedicalSpokane3.59623.58823517

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