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Featured Lake Article

February 22, 2002

By Keith Copley

Rattlesnake lake is a 117 acre lake about 4 miles southeast of North Bend. To get there, travel east on I-90 past North Bend and take the Cedar Falls SE road heading south for 3 miles to the lake. The size of the lake varies greatly depending winter and spring weather conditions. The area (both Rattlesnake Lake and Rattlesnake Ridge) get their name from Seattle pioneer Arthur A. Denny when the rattle of seed pods on the nearby prairie frightened a road surveyor into thinking he was being attacked by a rattler. The surveyor didn't realize that there were no poisonous snakes in Western Washington. The lake has a newly improved park area for those who may want to have a picnic (no tables, so bring your blanket).

For those wanting to fish Rattlesnake lake, they need to make sure to leave the Powerbait and worms at home. This lake is a "selective gear" rules lake, but electric trolling motors are allowed. There is a gravel boat launch on the east side of the lake which is best suited for car top or truck bed launched boats. There are a lot of branches and stumps in the lake. The two times that I've fished this lake have both been in the morning. Each time we got blown off the lake and one time we really got drenched. I've heard the better time to fish this lake is in the evening. One word of caution if you fish in the evening - make sure to park outside of the gate. The gate closes at 9:00pm(see picture below). When I've fished this lake I've used wooley buggers with their barbs pinched and a small amount of weight a few feet ahead of the lure. Check the postings on this site from others who fish this lake for other ideas on what to use. As the weather warms, this lake becomes popular for swimmers.