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Featured Lake Article

Clear Lake is 155 acres with a developed shoreline. This lake is 17 miles south of Puyallup on Hwy 161. Turn left at Clear Lake N Rd East to find the public boat ramp. A single concrete ramp, able to launch boats to 16ft safely. Ramp ends in about 4 feet deep water. There is fair parking available. The lake holds Rainbows, Silvers, Largemouth bass, Crappie and Perch. Clear Lake is 85 feet deep at the center. No water-skiing is allowed on the lake.

Clear lake is one of many lakes in Western Washington - a developed shoreline with summer and year-round homes. These lakes tend to be under 200 acres. Thus, they are quiet, peaceful lakes to visit. (except when the water skiers get going!) Many of them get yearly stockings so they usual have fish to catch. Clear lake also has a bonus - great views of Mt Rainer. Unfortunately, the day I was there the only views I had were of overcast clouds so you'll have take my word for it.