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Cady Lake is a 15 acre Fly Fishing Only, Catch & Release,
Barbless Hook Year Round Lake. The Lake is located
in North Mason County. We stock the Lake yearly. We
have five varities of Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout,
Cutthrout Trout, and Stealhead planted in the lake.
Cady Lake Manor provides the Access and Portable
Toilet NOT WDFW. This is NOT a Public Access.
We open the access to the public at our OWN expense.
We DO NOT CHARGE the public to fish, but ask for a
nominal donation. We own the property and pay the
taxes and insurance on the property where this access
is located without any help from the State. WDFW does
supply a portion of the plant because we choose to
open the Lake to the public. We spend Thousands of
dollars each year on this access and fishery.
We realize that this fishery can be difficult at
times and very rewarding at others. If you or anyone else
have any suggestions for improvements ( other than
closing the lake to the public ) let me know. Larry DePaul

Cady Resort