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The trout, kokanee and largemouth bass grow to quite impressive sizes. Trout and kokanee anglers quite often enjoy successful fishing -- both by trolling their favorite lures or by still fishing with Power Bait, eggs or worms. Most of my bass success has been by casting size 11 Rapalas or fishing ¼ ounce black jigs. The Rapalas and Jigs have resulted in several largemouth bass between 2 ½ pounds to about 4 pounds. I have seen much larger bass finning the shallows that were not interested in biting lures. I have even hooked a few Rainbow trout and yellow perch while casting Rapalas. The perch and sunfish that I caught were not of impressive sizes but I have never spent much time fishing for them.

The bass habitat on this lake includes lots overhanging brush and trees, lots of old fallen trees and logs in the water and the long stretches of shoreline reeds. There are very few homes or private docks on this lake. There is also a girl’s camp on the east side of the lake with a huge dock and several boats. The lake has very little aquatic vegetation but does have the long stretches of shoreline reeds. There are no lily pads but it does have a few pretty little pink flowers with floating leaves called “Floating Water Sweet Weed” or by its scientific name Polygonum Amphibium. My thanks to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for helping me identify this plant after I sent them a photo.

Public access is provided by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is a large access area with lots of parking space, a concrete plank boat launching ramp and an updated concrete toilet. Small trailered boats, car toppers and inflatables can also be launched with ease from the gravel shoreline. NO INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES ARE ALLOWED ON THE LAKE. There is some very limited shoreline fishing opportunities at the access. Currently the lake is open to fishing from the last Saturday in April through October 31st. Careful handling and release of most of your catch will insure exciting into the future. Bob Johansen Bob Johansen