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Featured Lake Article

September 19, 2001

By Matt Fishindude

Twin Lakes in Ferry County.

North Twin 744 acres South Twin 977 acres : Both located in Ferry
county on the Colville Indian Reservation. Reservation Permits are required!

Facilities For North Twin:
Rainbow Beach Resort, and Lakeview Swimming and boat ramp area.
Facilities For South Twin:
Log Cabin Resort, many tribal member fishing areas, for members,
their families and invited guests only.

Twin Lakes as the name suggests is actually 2 lakes located on the Colville
Indian Reservation. They are connected by a channel.

North twin is 774 acres and has public access at Rainbow Beach Resort.
Amenities include gas, a small store ,Cabins, boat launch and also boat
moorage. However any guests not checked in at the front desk must leave the
resort by 10:00pm. There is also access located at Lakeview, it is by
invitation only but you should have no problems launching a boat or enjoying
the swimming area. There is also a very large boat moorage area and there is
no time which one must leave. Good to fair night fishing can be expected off
the docks at both Lakeview AND Rainbow for Good sized Rainbow and Brook
trout. These lakes also hold a good population of Bass, many people fish the
Lilly Pads and rock points throughout the lake to locate an abundant supply
of 10-12 and sometimes larger bass. Bass into the 4-5 pound range are not
uncommon. Trolling may also be a good way of locating trout but be warned
water skis and jet skis break out fairly early, so I would suggest getting
on the water between 6:30-7:00 P.M.

"The Channel"
There is a channel connecting the 2 lakes but BE WARNED YOU CAN SEE BOTTOM!!
It ranges from about 3-5 feet deep in the channel and there are many dangers
ranging from car and boat parts, DENSE Lilly Pads, and many underwater logs
and fence posts. If you feel compelled to go through the channel I would
recommend GOING SLOW and cautiously... However many people find decent bass
fishing within the channel. While I was there this July they were URGING
visitors NOT to enter the channel because the water was very low and the
Lilly pads were so dense you could not see through them.

South Twin is the larger of the two lakes and offers good Brook Trout
fishing. All needed amenities can be found at Log Cabin, food, lodging, boat
docks moorage and a ramp. The Log Cabin restaurant has good service and also
good food to support your stay. Night fishing may also be expected to be
good off these docks for larger trout. Of the 2 lakes South Twin would be
your best bet for larger Trout, most locals stick to Pop-Gear, trolling
flies, or small spoons and Rapalas. Bass fishing as well can be expected to
be between Fair-Good, again many people chose to fish the shorelines and
catch abundant numbers of bass. However many areas accessible from the shore
are for Tribal members, their families, and invited guests only.. Be sure to
look around carefully for any signs.

General Information:
Along with great fishing comes the task of buying a tribal fishing license.
I believe that a short term one for only a week or so runs about 15.00$$
and a year long one is about 30-35.00$$ however I am not sure. There are
benefits given to the Spouse of an enrolled tribal member allowing for a
discount on yearly passes. Be warned the water gets choppy at times and if
you chose to tie up at one of the many docks, DO IT WELL and check it at
least 5 times from all angles before leaving. I've seen some pretty nice
gouges in the hull of countless fiberglass beauties!! All and all Twin Lakes
in Ferry county is an excellent family getaway!

*Please note by invitation means these areas are privately owned. Please respect property owners rights and do not trespass. You must have permission of a resident to fish in the non-public areas.

Directions on how to get there:
Best to obtain a map of Ferry County as it is out in the middle of the Colville Indian Reservation and rather tricky to find. (Editor's note)