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Featured Lake Article

March 15, 2002

By John Kruse

Quincy Lake is another popular destination for those hoping for some March sunshine and rainbow trout! Located in the Quincy Wildlife Area of Central Washington, the lake is 62 acres in size. On the north side of the lake is a basalt rock ridgeline that can be navigated on foot to various fishing spots. A good WDFW boat launch and designated camping area, with pit toilet, are located on the southwest end. A gravel road runs along part of the south side of the lake for anglers to spread out.
Subject to frequent rehabs due to the frequent appearances of undesirable fish, Quincy Lake produces limits of trout for anglers on an inconsistent basis. However, for 2002 at least, the average size of the fish is impressive (12 to 14 inches), and patient anglers are being rewarded with healthy stringers of fish. Many fishermen use Powerbait, suspended above the sometimes weedy bottom. Other anglers have success with hardware, to include spinners such as Roostertails.

Quincy Lake is open from March 1st through July 31st. The Quincy Wildlife Area can be reached from either Seattle or Spokane on Interstate 90 to the Hwy 281 turn-off at George. Follow Hwy 281 north to Road Five (where the golf course is). Take a left on Road Five and travel 2 ½ miles west. At the "Public Hunting and Fishing" sign, take a left into the Quincy Wildlife Area. Travel south on the gravel road to Quincy Lake, which is the second lake on your left (between Stan Coffin Lake and Burke Lake).