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Featured Lake Article

By Michael and Susan Emerson

Soda Lake, in Grant County, is one in the chain of Seep Lakes in the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge and is on the Potholes Canal. There are two free boat ramps, one on the north side and one on the south side. The one on the south end is bigger and is better for boats with trailers. There is good parking at both ramps and has some camping. Camping is available at the Soda Lake campground. There is no water or power, only pit toilets and no garbage pick up and very rough, so if you take it in; take It OUT, please. Let’s keep it nice and clean for years to come. You can take a camping trailer in the Refuge and should have no trouble because the roads are well-maintained. There are Walleyes, Bass, Rainbow trout, Yellow Perch and Whitefish in this 180-acre lake. The lake is open year around and both gas and electric motors can be used. You can also use any type of fishing gear and bait. Be careful as the wind can come up very fast and can be pretty strong. To get to Soda Lake, take Highway 26 from Vantage or Highway 17 from Moses Lake to Highway 262 and follow the signs to Pot Holes Reservoir and look for the sign for Soda Lake. This is one of the many great fishing lakes both inside and outside the Refuge. Please read your fishing and boating regulations before going. Good Luck.