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Oct 1, 2003

By: Julia A. White

Lake Rapjohn is a 56 acre, 18 feet deep, lake located in Pierce County 4 miles northwest of Eatonville. Lake Rapjohn is open the last Saturday in April through October 31. As you are traveling up Mountain Highway you will see a small green “Lk Rapjohn” sign, which is before the Silver Lake sign, on the right side of the road with an arrow telling you to take a left. The entry to the west side of lake is a gravel road. You will notice bathroom facilities to your right – they are clean. You must pack your garbage out with you as there are no garbage cans for the public. The immediate view of the lake is breathtaking because you can see majestic Mount Rainier right above the lake. The boat launch is also gravel and works nicely. You will most likely be greeted by three ducks that are not afraid to follow you around and talk to you as you get in and out of your boats.

People fish off the bank all of the time and I have seen them pull out rainbow trout, bass, and catfish. It’s been reported that there is rainbow trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, yellow perch, and crappie in the lake. I have found that blue Power bait, salmon eggs, and worms are most effective in catching the fish that are in the lake.

The lake has a unique peacefulness about it. You can see and hear song birds all around you. You can watch bald eagles, hawks, and heron soaring above you as you fish. The south, east, and west sides of the lake are wooded and green. You can see deer walking around the outskirts of the lake while hearing a distant cow or hound dog barking. The houses and farms are far enough from the lake to give you a feeling of being alone. There are cattails and lily pads all around the lake which provide for perfect bass feeding.

This is a wonderful, quiet lake that will recharge you and I highly recommend it!