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Featured Lake Article

Overview From Brandon Moore:

Silver Lake is located on the Bothell-Everett Highway, in Everett. It is 102 acres and 51 feet deep. Its shoreline is heavily developed, but there is still a large county park with 2 fishable docks on the west shore, as well as two fishing piers,and several pull off spots leading into to the woods that provide good shore fishing along Bothell-Everett Highway (hwy. 527). Silver contains Rainbow and Cutthroat trout, as well as Kokanee, Brown trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, Yellow Perch, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, and Brown Bullheads. Catchable Rainbows and Kokanee fry are stocked yearly in early May, and although the rainbow fishery usually gets hit heavily, the kokanee are rarely targeted. A friend of mine took an 18 inch koke out of there last year, and I imagine there are more of the same size. Big German Browns have been stocked every now and then during the winter, and provide the hardy angler with some good trophy fishing. The last time browns were planted, I believe in 1997 (I heard that the plant was about 500 fish, averaging 18 inches, but I can't back the size up, as I never caught one) there was one man who was out there every day trolling mepps spinners in his float tube. He caught 17 that winter. There is one inlet creek in the shallow S.E. corner of the lake, and it is surrounded by lily pads, containing many bass and turtles. The outlet creek flows to private Ruggs Lake, from the N.E. Shore (I know the topo map says differently, but trust me on this one folks). Good perch fishing can be had off of the largest pier on Highway 527, with fish averaging 8-11 inches. And as far as the bluegill and pumpkinseeds go, they can be found in the lilly pads, but there aren't very many.

Update From John (4-23-05):

I have lived right on the lake for 3 years. The pub or boat launch no longer exists. Also the thing about kokanee not being targeted so basically they are easy to catch. I have targeted kokanee on about 6 trips running the same rigs I normally use for kokes( I catch about 6-30 kokanee on coure'de alene in about 4hours ) and have only caught one kokanee on this lake ever (I took a PIC of it though). I have caught over 100 rainbows/trips, 30 perch a few of which were above 8 inches, and 3 bass(all were on the smaller side) though I have never targeted bass or perch. I have never caught a brown trout, bluegill/sunfush/pumpkin seed, or any variety of catfish here. I have never directly targeted the types I haven't caught.