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View 04/2004/20WA BeaverSkagit8theB8Largemouth Bass90
View 04/2004/20Report has photos!WA GoodwinSnohomish8theB8Smallmouth Bass186
View 04/2004/18Report has photos!WA TerrellWhatcom8theB8Largemouth Bass132
View 04/2003/27WA AmericanPiercejustinfordiceKokanee101
View 04/2004/19WA EloikaSpokaneChengy87Crappie235
View 04/2004/20Report has photos!WA LacamasClarkuplandsandpiperBrown Trout315
View 04/2004/20Report has photos!WA AmericanPiercemtom938Kokanee311
View 04/2004/16Report has photos!WA AmericanPiercedawgwe1Kokanee260
View 04/2004/18ID RoundBonnerHugeinchinaPerch166
View 04/2004/18Report has photos!WA ChelanChelanDarrell & Dad'sMackinaw356
View 04/2004/20WA StevensSnohomishtommonroeKokanee282
View 04/2004/19WA Twin LakesLincolntravislakeLargemouth Bass184
View 04/2004/17Report has photos!WA CorralGranttyee4meRainbow Trout314
View 04/2004/20Report has photos!WA WaughopPierceilikefishLargemouth Bass371
View 04/2004/19Report has photos!WA ChelanChelanSteelheadin360Kokanee503
View 04/2004/18Report has photos!WA SpragueLincolnmurphSteelhead677
View 04/2004/18Report has photos!WA 18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane ConfluenceN/ACCTMarkWalleye589
View 04/2004/18WA MeridianKingcjrodarmeLargemouth Bass157
View 04/2004/19Report has photos!WA StevensSnohomishLingkingKokanee435
View 04/2004/19Report has photos!WA SamishWhatcommrnwcsKokanee459
View 04/2004/18Report has photos!WA PotholesGrantTeam BrittonWalleye587
View 04/2004/19Report has photos!WA ChelanChelanSlammin' Salmon GSKokanee429
View 04/2004/18Report has photos!WA ChelanChelanSlammin' Salmon GSKokanee285
View 04/2004/18WA PotholesGrantC-moneyWalleye334
View 04/2004/17Report has photos!WA ChelanChelanSlammin' Salmon GSKokanee269
View 04/2004/18WA AmericanPierceprodigy_57Largemouth Bass188
View 04/1904/19Report has photos!WA Spokane(Long)Spokanetsyseun1Largemouth Bass353
View 04/1904/18WA PotholesGranthookeduptodayWalleye404
View 04/1904/19Report has photos!WA MeridianKingDjButlerKokanee374
View 04/1904/19Report has photos!WA AmericanPierceToniKokanee382
View 04/1904/19Report has photos!WA BeverlySnohomishjuan1981Largemouth Bass315
View 04/1904/18Report has photos!WA OffutThurstonSokol87Rainbow Trout351
View 04/1904/14WA MortonKing#Bird_DogTrout127
View 04/1904/18WA EloikaSpokaneCommanderCrudLargemouth Bass235
View 04/1904/19WA GorgeWhatcommok419Trout82
View 04/1904/18WA MeridianKingClaybusterKokanee129
View 04/1904/19Report has photos!WA MeridianKingjoeortegaKokanee303
View 04/1904/19WA SilverSpokanedalecyrOther169
View 04/1904/19Report has photos!WA SammamishKingFishingFoolSmallmouth Bass292
View 04/1904/18Report has photos!WA DeerStevensbluegrouse billRainbow Trout265
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 501 items in 13 pages
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