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Sockeye Fishing the Brewster Pool

Anton Jones - 7/3/2011
In 2009 and 2010, the Sockeye Salmon fishing below Wells Dam
and off the mouth of the Okanogan River was a very pleasant surprise
for North Central Washington anglers. These silver bullets swim
over 400 miles from the ocean to get to our area. Amazingly full of vigor
and body fat, they provide sport and excellent table fare. When they are
in, they are in. Even with a six fish limit, we were able to limit 3 and 4
anglers in a morning’s fishing. This is not a technical fishery. There are
probably a myriad of techniques #1, 0 and 00 dodgers. We prefer
plain chrome and chrome scale. Tie a leader of 40 or 50 pound test
monofilament. The length of the leader should be from 10 to 20 inches
to a double snell hook. #1 to #2/0 hooks will work. The heavy leader
is to prevent breakoffs from terminal twisting. These fish can spin some line up!

The variations that worked for us were to add a Mack’s Smile
Blade and a stack bead in front of the lead hook. That extra micro attractor
sure seemed to increase our bite rate. Additionally, adding a small piece of cured shrimp to the trail hook helped even more. We took the $5 bag of Wal-Mart frozen
cooked shrimp and scattered them out on an old cookie sheet. (Don’t
use your wife’s! Don’t do it!) Then sprinkle the shrimp liberally with
Pautzke’s Red Fire Cure. When they are partially thawed, cut them
into one inch chunks. Sprinkle them again with the Fire Cure. Put them
back in the resealable bag and shake ‘em around a bit. Keep refrigerated
or on ice and place a chunk on your rear hook.

Location is pretty simple. Fish the edge of Okanogan River channel
where it cuts into the Columbia. The fish are right on those edges.
Fish shallower at early in the day and deeper as the sun climbs into
the sky. You should fish at least 1.5mph. Much faster than 2mph and
your dodger will tumble and not fish effectively. Vary that speed to trigger
strikes. Fire up the smoker…

Anton Jones, Darrell and Dads Family Guide Service, booking now for Sockeye Fishing! (866) 360-1523

Published courtesy of Macks Lures.