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The Troutist - 11/5/2012
Well the rain is finally here the rivers are getting some much needed H2O and hopefully the salmon will start moving in. My only hope is they just won’t shoot right on up in a matter of a couple of days and have that be the end to what could be a great salmon season. On the flip side the lakes are starting to cool down and I can’t turn my back on our Westside lakes that always put out some trophy size trout. Yes this is quite a dilemma with so little time and so much angling at my disposal.

I am currently looking at several different salmon outings with guides Bruce Warren and Brianna Bruce. The rivers have yet to be determined but I am not worried they always put you on the fish. Of course I will be out with two well known criminals in our area Kelly & Mitch. As I understand it the Chehalis River is one of our top priorities with a couple more yet to be determined. I always like those yet to be determined rivers adds a little mystery and intrigue. I have a couple of lakes that are on my radar as well Summit, Spencer, Black, Cushman, and Nahwatzel. I have one outing that I am looking forward to and that is with Kathy Drain, she was the high bidder at the FFA auction last summer. I will be introducing her to “Blue Collar Fly-fishing” and I hope I can put her into some sizeable fall trout.

I know it is not Christmas yet but I have been lucky enough to receive some new toys that I am chomping at the bit to use. I have a new reel, a Super Caster 240 with spare spools made by US Reels. I had the opportunity to use one several times last year and was very happy with it. On those extra spools I will be running different products from Izorline. I really like the XXX mono and from what I have seen so far the rest of their line will be excellent choices for chasing the salmon and steelhead this fall and winter.

My friends from Mack’s Lures have also sent me some new spinners the “Promise Keeper”, can’t wait to give them a whirl. The legendary guide Don Hamblin has put together a steelhead care package that is on its way. Don has just recently retired after 45 years on the water and knows what brings these iron-heads to the net. If all of this is not enough I will be getting a new steelhead/salmon rod from Legacy. These rods are designed by Bobby Loomis, a man that has been in the industry for over 30 years and knows what an angler expects. I can’t wait for my first hook-up with it.

There is one thing that I am especially looking forward to, I have been invited to speak at JBLM as one of six speakers to address our men and women of the military and their families on fishing in the area. My subject will be “Trolling Flies on Western Washington Trout Lakes.” They will be holding their 1st Annual JBLM Hunting & Fishing Expo November 10th. Not only is it an honor to speak there but a great privilege for me personally. Coming from a military family I understand what it is like to move to a different part of the country and trying to figure out where and what folks are angling for. It always seemed like by the time you had all the information you needed and really started getting into it you were packing up and heading somewhere else. I hope the seminars will cut this learning curve down quite a bit for them.

There is a little side story that goes with this. I was told that they were trying to get some products to give away and did I have anything. I just happened to have an extra book I volunteered to contribute. My better half Sheree got wind of this and suggested that I give some of my friends in the industry a call and see if they might be interested. The response I got was a very definite yes, everyone I called was very happy to do so. I would like to give all of them a big “Thank You” for answering the call.

Here is a list of them in alphabetical order. Alps/Browning, Aqua-Teko International, Cabela’s, Camp Chef, Coast, Folbe Products, Izorline, Luhr Jensen, Mack’s Lure Company, Rapala Lures, Storm Lures, Verle’s LLC, & Work Sharp Tools. I want to urge all of you to support these companies in your shopping adventures, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Well that’s it for this column I hope to have some great fishing tales for you in the next edition. So until next time may your next trout be your trophy mount. The Troutist-“Uncle Wes” Malmberg.

Join me on my facebook page Uncle Wes. So until next time may your next trout be your trophy mount. The Troutist-“Uncle Wes” Malmberg.