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On Snaggers and Stocking Reports

The Troutist - 11/5/2012
Rain, rain, and more rain.

It wasn’t too long ago when everyone was praying for rain, not just because of the fire danger that threatened all of us but also so the salmon would start up the river. Now like everyone else I have had enough. I am ready for at least a few nice days in a row so that I might be able to enjoy some river fishing. I have been working seven days a week, finally got a day off and was in great anticipation of trying out some new gear on the salmon. But you guessed it, the rivers are completely blown out. I am talking a muddy mess, so much so my guide friends are rescheduling trips with their clients. Yes I can honestly say I have had enough rain.

For the rivers that get a decent run of B-run Coho they are in the rivers, the Chum are starting to show up in decent numbers and I have already gotten reports of the first winter run steelhead starting to show up. For those of you that have never had the opportunity to do battle with a Chum you are missing out on some epic battles. You have got to get out and give it a shot when the waters clear up a bit. Just the other day I talked to a fella from Wyoming who made the trek out here just to do battle with a few of these monsters. Hopefully the weather man’s prediction will be right and we will only have a few showers over the next few days and the rivers will come back into to fishable shape. Although I never put too much stock in what they have to say, there is always a 50/50 chance they will be right.

One thing I have noticed and I find it to be quite disturbing is the amount of snagging that seems to go on and I am not talking a few rivers but all of them. Snagging is nothing new it’s been going on for years what I do find disturbing is the openness about this practice. It used to be that the snaggers went far, far away from the mainstream of anglers that were legally pursuing salmon. Over the years this practice has changed and the legal anglers are moving as far away from these snaggers as they can get. To me there is something wrong with that picture. Snaggers are poachers and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I will even take it a little bit further, if that is the only way you can get a hook-up then you should consider staying home and leave the salmon to the real anglers. Maybe go buy yourself a video fishing game and become the King of the couch I understand there are several games to choose from. For those of you that don’t have mentors to teach you, get a group of your friends together, split the cost, and hire a guide. What you can learn from a professional can put salmon on your table for many years to come.

For you trout anglers there is good news, not only are the holdovers from past stockings loading up on food the WDFW has had a busy October stocking some of the year round lakes with some very nice sized trout. These new stockers are ranging in the one pound size, which is always fun on light weight gear. This is also the time of year that larger trout are common I am talking in the three to five pound range. What I really like is the meat is pink and firm and when you hook-up you have a great battle because these trout now are all full finned. These trout make great table fare and are quite tasty no matter how you choose to prepare them.

The following lakes have received October plants the numbers are approximate. Mason County, Island Lake received 2,000, Lost Lake received 2,000, Nahwatzel Lake received 2,500, and Spencer Lake received 3,500. Thurston County, Black Lake received 7,000, Lawrence Lake received 2,000, Lake St. Clair received 1,700, and Offutt Lake received 1,200. Remember the limit is five, but out of those five only two may be over 14-inches. Check your WDFW regulations to be sure. So until next time may your next trout be your trophy mount.

Join me on my facebook page Uncle Wes. So until next time may your next trout be your trophy mount. The Troutist-“Uncle Wes” Malmberg.