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Area 7 San Juan Islands (Obstruction Pass - Orcas Island) Fishing Report
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Name: John Kruse Date: May 31, 2004 Rating:
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Spent a few relaxing days on a family vacation at the scenic and laid back Lieberhaven Resort on the SE end of Orcas Island at Obstruction Pass. I spent a couple of hours each day fishing from the marina or from a kayak.

Overall, fishing was pretty slow this year. My son and I managed to catch four rockfish, one flounder, and one piling perch. All were released except for the flounder. We also hooked a cabezon of about three pounds that we lost as we were landing it.

The kayaking was wonderful. Very peaceful, very different from normal fishing, and definitely a treat to have a seal come and check you out from a distance of five yards or less.

A local article in the newspaper said that sportfishing has been declining steadily for salmon and bottomfish over the last 20 years, though a couple of locals I spoke with said the bottom fishing is still very good if you know where to go.

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