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Area 12 Hood Canal (Quilcene Bay) Fishing Report
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Name: Big Wally's Guide Service Contact: (509) 770-8318
Guided fishing for Walleye on Banks Lake, Moses Lake, Potholes Reservoir and Rufus Woods. Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass on Banks Lake, Moses Lake, and Potholes Reservoir.Trophy class Triploid Trout on Rufus Woods.Rainbow Trout on Lake Roosevelt and Banks Lake. Coast Guard Certified.Washington State Fish and Wildlife Certified.
Name: Sam Kafelafish Date: May 13, 2006 Rating:
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Conditions: Members Only Air Temp: Members Only Water Temp: Members Only
Ice Depth: Members Only Area: Quilcene Bay
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Managed to make time to go out with the uncle for a little shrimp fishing or trapping or however you would like to call it....We got our limits in 2 pot pulls and we had to throw back a hundred of them so we got about 280 in all in two pots...We were the 3rd boat in according to the checker and the other boats had limited as well...It was nice to be in while the others were still going out....We used like canned pink salmon in water, tuna, shrimp pellets, cat food, and clams and struck the jackpot in no time...Good luck to those who can find time for the next wednesday its open...

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