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Area 11 Tacoma - Vashon Fishing Report
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Name: Fish_Bait111397 Date: July 07, 2010 Rating:
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Me and my uncle had fished July 6th and July 7th. We had hit Les davis Pier at about 11 a.m on both days.We were crabbing and fishing for whatever we could get to bite. :)

July 6th:Got to the pier and my uncle had immediately got into fish-he was using a worm and would jig it back to the pier.He caught about 6 baby lings about 4-5 inches that were safely released. He also caught some calico bass on squid using the same method. After that the bite had slowed down for him and picked up for me. I was using herring on the bottom and caught a 12 inch rockfish. I threw it back out and hooked into a baby dogfish that we had right at the top of the water then he was gone. :( My uncle started pickin up some flounders on squid about 14-16 inches in length. That was it for our day. We also learned that crabbing is only open Wed-Saturday. Anyone know why?

July 7th. Hit the same pier again my uncle switched his set up to bottom fishing with herring and some herring salt smelly jelly. The night before we saw a guy catch a ratfish and a dogfish on a piece of herring that was filleted with herring salt. My uncle had a slow day at first and only caught one fish-rockfish-and i had action constantly,within 10 minutes i had a bite and pulled in an eel lookin thing. Threw it back and went back in the water and caught some rockfish. My main target was to get into some dogfish once the sun started to set. At about 6:30 p.m my uncle had a nice bite it hit his rod and his reel screamed!! Missed the hook set up and he was gone. :( About 10 minutes later he had a smaller bite and got this one up on the bank-a dogfish- took a pic and threw him back. Everyone started getting bites and were all pullin up dogfish besides me. I finally got a bite and brought him to sure another dogfish but right when i got him up my uncle says "I got the big one!" Took the glory of me and he pulled in the biggest fish of the night another dogfish mine was about the average size everyone was catching. The first pic is me and my fish of the day. The 2nd pic is of my uncle and his fish of the day. We also limited out on red rocks using turkey legs as bait.
-Jacob T.

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#1 Toni says:
July 08, 2010 02:40 PM
Thank you for the report. Is there any one fishing for salmon?
#2 Fish_Bait111397 says:
July 08, 2010 03:20 PM
Toni, I was fishing for salmon there on opening day and got one hit on a white bussbomb. Ive fished there for 4 days since opening day and i have been the only one salmon fishing i didnt salmon fish on my last 2 days out. I use to come and hook into silverss like crazy and have only caught one. My grandfather has also caught a king out on the pier a few years back. We have only had good success in August-November is when we have the best salmon fishing there.
#3 nickbell says:
July 08, 2010 04:07 PM
I caught an eel-looking thing at owens beach a few days ago.
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