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Aberdeen (Grays Harbor County) Fishing Report
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Name: Aaron Date: May 27, 2007 Rating:
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Went and hit Lake Aberdeen on my way to Westport.. and on the way home. (May 27th) It was overcast and a few small rain showers passed through and very breezy. Was only there for about an hour. Used diff color of Power Eggs (Pink, White, Chartreuse) off the bottom from the swimming docks. Caught only 2 trout. one 16" and the other 14". My friend I was with used 2 yellow eggs off the bottom and got 2 trout also a 14 and 15". (May 28th) Stopped back in at this lake it was nice and sunny though a slight breeze. The fish were not biting much. I used the same bait as the day before and in 3 hours only got 2 trouts. Oh well.. wanted to stay longer as the fish were starting to come to the surface but had to get home and end the holiday weekend. I like to fish this lake and I will be back. Here fishy fishy fishy!!! (PS) 2 guys trollin on a boat (not sure of their bait) one had a 12lbs trout and the other a 5lbs trout. FISH ON!!!!!!!

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