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Green River (King County) Fishing Report
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Name: jumpinjim Date: September 24, 2012 Rating:
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Well this morning was the stuff of dreams. I got out there nice and early and could hear the fish well before I even got to the river.

3rd Cast, twitchin the "scarlet harlet" and a light tug, then Fish on. Little Buck but he inhaled it and was bleeding plus, I was limited on time so I figured better keep em.

5 casts later, medium size buck. Landed but Not so nice looking, hooked nose and starting to give that blushy look and even was getting a gray belly. The jig was really loosely in his mouth too, probably could have line released him but he was not harmed. Released.

Had the hankerin to spin since the fish were so aggresive, I caught a hen on a bronze #5, another hen on a green #5, a little buck on a rainbow meps #5.

At this point I had been fishing for about an Hour and a half and I was running into the time frame where I was going to be late for work...What do you do? Catch one more to make a limit and jam.

So I switch back over to the "Bruised Hooker", and bank another smaller hooking buck, released. Then pull in a little jack king, released... Now I am starting to wonder if I got greedy, should have kept the first two and split... Finally a massive slam on the Jig brings in a very fiesty hen that is pretty good size too! Stoked I bonk her.

So at this point I am deep in the reeds by the soccer fields, and putting all my gear away, spinners and jigs and what not, when in the bottom of my bag this old spoon catches my eye. Single 1/0 barbless hook is on the end from a nooch trip, and I figure, what the heck, a couple casts ain't going to hurt. I am already well past late for work, voicemails and emails are stacking up like fish in the bay. So I snap on this hurkin spoon, don't even know the brand, I found it on a river. It is hammered on one side and smooth on the other and weights as much as a freakin buzz bomb (almost).

I fish a 8'6" medium light HMX with 12lb line and a stradic 3500... so believe me when I say I sent this thing into ORBIT. As my line laid down on the water I closed the bail, knowing I better get to cranking because that heavy chunk was a good 50yrds + away and sinking fast. Well wouldn't you know the moment I closed the bail and put a crank in I feel it snag up. DANG IT, I am going to loose a ton of line, I knew this was stupid. Then suddenly the line does the rip buzz accross the surface and off on the horizon, Explosion!!! Fish ON and this thing is Going for Gold A mile away. With a barbless 1/0 hook I am eager just to see if I can even land it. Long Line catches like that are soo exciting. I work this fish in for what seemed like 10 minutes although it was probably only 4 or 5. About 10 feet from the bank I see it is a Big Fat buck, probably a solid 12lb fish, rolling and putting its last energy into a slow headshake heading for a bush that has roots in the water. Not wanting him to get all tangled up I opened the bail gave him some slack and watched him loose the hook and bolt away. As I reeled in that spoon, I had this feeling of complete fishisatisfaction. Almost euphoria. I stowed my gear, beat out of the bushes and walked back to the truck with a grin you could see from space. I got all washed up, stopped by starbucks and then into the office.

Picture #1: The limit in the reeds.
Picture #2: Boys are always chasin the "Scarlet Harlet"

Pretty stoked it ended like this because I have to go to CA this week until Oct. and I am bummed I am going to miss what might be the peak of the run... :(

And Finally quite a few people have asked me to tell them how I make my jigs, and what I use, and where I buy it and I figured I would make a quick Youtube flick to highlight it. Enjoy. It turned into a longer clip than I thought it would.

Part 1. Jig Materials & Thoughts

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#1 Aaron says:
September 25, 2012 12:32 AM
The photos did not show up. Email them to and we'll get them added.
#2 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 08:39 AM
I emailed them. The second youtube clip says it was too long which is nonsense but oh well. Sure would be nice to be able to edit these trip reports so I could take down the second youtube clip.
#3 Jungle Jim says:
September 25, 2012 08:39 AM
I always love when people post on-line the fact that they were fishing illegally. Do you really not understand that once you "bonk" your limit, you are not allowed to fish anymore?! Regardless of whether you release it or not. There really should be a test you have to pass before you can start posting on this (or any) fishing report website. Maybe a 25 question test of the most basic Washington fishing rules that everyone should know. Can you guess what I'd choose for question #1?
#4 losaturn says:
September 25, 2012 09:04 AM
Nice fish Jim! You're mauling them on those jigs.
#5 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 09:05 AM
Hey JungleJim hop off the high horse dude, it was a steelhead spoon from the nooch and I was tossing it out in one last cast for some metal!!! Do you realize I have caught multiple late run summers in the last week alone? There are more fish in the river than Salmon right now.
#6 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 09:13 AM
Oh and I should not really call them late run either, after all the run isn't really late until oct-nov on most rivers, but it does seem that the Green gets much fewer steelhead and they do seem to become sparse and shy when the salmon enter the system.
#7 montana_sam says:
September 25, 2012 09:51 AM
Jim your a bad ass! Teach me oh wise one
#8 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 09:58 AM
Montana, not really, lucky is more like it... Earlier in the month I had my share of skunk and plenty of slow days. It doesn't hurt when you get our 4-5 days a week ; )
#9 knotabassturd says:
September 25, 2012 10:12 AM
All I have to say is Jumpinjim....

I love you man. LOL this is great stuff and well written. I'll have to watch the vid when I get time at work (?? go figure). Jungle Jim, I believe the limit is 3 coho on Duw/Green and only read him bonking 2 but maybe I missed something (multtasking currently). Jumpinjim I believe the limit is 2 coho so if I ever get the pleasure to go fishing with you on the Duw just let me reel 'em in after 2 ;-) Makes me want to get back out... Oy just watched the vid, well done. One question Jumpinjim- is it Tangueray or Blue Sapphire? Thanx for the report and them some!
#10 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 10:27 AM
@Knot - Haha you are too funny, it would be fun to hit a river sometime, scotch in flask, although that is against the regs too you know!!!! But as you mentioned the limit is 2 you are correct. Unfortunately Jungle Jim would fail his own test in this case. He stated the regs say that once you bonk your limit you are not allowed to fish anymore. That is Incorrect and would have lead to him failing "what might be" his first question. The actual regs state: You may not:Continue to fish for salmon after the adult portion of the daily limit has been retained. Considering I clearly stated I was using a single barbless steelhead spoon found on the Nooch, and considering I have caught and photographed several steelhead on the green in the last 7 days, I can stand by the fact that my last few casts were indeed in hope of the elusive metal head.
#11 BentRod says:
September 25, 2012 10:28 AM
I had the same thoughts as Knot and just finished looking at the regs....I read that you can keep 3 adults on the Duamish, so as far as I can tell jumpinjim went home shy of a limit. @jumpin, nice work! I can only dream of having an outing like that. Thanks for the instructional video. Haven't watched it yet, but will get to it sometime today. Great report. Thanks.
#12 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 10:39 AM
:0 looks like Jungle Jim would have missed two questions, oh well - maybe we could make the test just true or false - I am much better at those!! Regardless I am actually done retaining fish, I have plenty now. A full smoker and enough for me and friends. If I have a special request from someone I might go bonkin but other than that I am starting my C&R phase now. @ Bent and Knot. This is more of fun trivia for Green / Duwamish fishermen, what is the difference between the Duwamish and the Green?
#13 BentRod says:
September 25, 2012 10:48 AM
I was wrong. In regards to the daily limit on the Duamish, according to the regs you can actually retain 6 Silvers....only 3 can be over 20" long (definition of adult). I can't imagine catching three, let alone six! lol. @jumpin, the lower section of the river is called the Duamish because the Green river used to merge with another, the Black, and the confluence became the Duamish. The Black river dried up and without the confluence it now appears that there is one river with two names.
#14 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 11:03 AM
@ Bent .. oh my you are up on your history, BUT, the black river did not dry up, They put a cork in it. There is actually a small dam back there that creates a marshy backwater area. When the water gets murky or levels bump up you can always find coho held up in the mouth of the black, they just turn around in there all angry, and you know what just gets them pissed right off!!!!
#15 BentRod says:
September 25, 2012 11:11 AM
Lol, I'm not that much of a historian. Had previously inquired why there were two names. I'm still a newbie when it comes to the Green River. Have only fished it a handful of times and only down below 405 for Coho.
#16 Jungle Jim says:
September 25, 2012 11:18 AM
JumpinJim: My apologies for jumping on you. It did not occur to me that you were fishing for steelhead. It really does not matter, I guess. It's really none of my business anyway. I do see that the regs show 3 adults may be retained (although you did not seem to be aware of that fact, at least you thought the limit was 2.) It's not an excuse, but I see so many reports where people are fishing in closed waters, fishing with illegal gear, etc. that I guess I just blew a gasket and took it out on you....without good reason it seems. I have officially jumped off my high horse and will mind my own business in the future. Believe me, I have no problem with "bonking" fish. This is a tremendous coho run, and I've bonked my fair share. I was not trying to relay that you should not be taking fish home. We all spend lots of money to fish and should be able to enjoy some fresh fish on the table. Anyway, I am very sorry for attacking you the way I did. You appear to be a knowledgable fisherman who understands the rules. My apologies to anyone else who's blood pressure I spiked with my initial email.
#17 Jungle Jim says:
September 25, 2012 11:25 AM
On another note, did you know that the Black, White and Green rivers all used to come together to form the Duwamish. Way back when, there was a log jam that diverted the White River into the Puyallup (I believe) River and they decided they liked that so they made it premanent. Then, when they lowered the water level in Lake Washington, they killed the black river. I understand that the Black had a great steelhead run up until then. I read that in the book "Skid Row" about early Seattle, and that really pissed me off.
#18 knotabassturd says:
September 25, 2012 11:35 AM
No disrespect to jungle jim (except his tone but he already apologized so he's good in my book and did a nice description of the old pre Duwamish rivers), I like the guys that question things to make sure we're on the same page as the regs. I was just joking on the 3 fish for jungle and 2 for you jumpin so as to let there be more fish for the rest of us :-). As Bentrod mentions the limit is 3 adult coho so think you are just fine either way. And some of the coho this year don't even squeak out at adult size (bentrod also mentioned the 6 fish limit if 3 are jacks 12 inches or bigger- excepting chinook since they are not allowed to be retained). Again, nice work jumpinjim! You and losaturn have definitively proven that figuring out a section of water even on the Duw lockjaw coho can lead to consistent coho catching.
#19 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 11:38 AM
No sweat jungle jim, you are right, I thought the limit was 2..oopsies. probably would have still only kept 2 since I really don't need anymore but still - we can all take a little something home from this, Read the regs, don't assume and have fun and respect each other AND the fish!!!! I still wish I could have seen the returns on the black river!! would have been a sight too see, well of course Renton would have been under water every time it flooded but still. I fish the mouth of the Black behind starfire all the time hoping that someday I might hook into a native steelhead that got lost at see for a hundred years!
#20 oneshot says:
September 25, 2012 12:20 PM
sounds like a blast!
#21 jojo says:
September 25, 2012 01:17 PM
You're my hero! Hope to run into you one day.
#22 Gringo Pescador says:
September 25, 2012 01:26 PM
Great report and tutorial! To ALL: Each report is reviewed by Mike or Aaron before it is posted. They catch a lot, but it would be impossible for them to be up on the regs for every system and body of water for the entire state at all times. Reports of illegal fishing are not allowed on this site. If you suspect a report is of illegal activity DON'T COMMENT ON THE REPORT. Just pm Mike Carey, Aaron or one of the mods (which I am one), we will review the report, review the regs and take the appropriate action. That way, nobody is called out, nobody hammered on, no apologies are needed and everyone walks away happy.... Now - back to google maps to figure out where the mouth of the Black is...
#23 RiverChromeGS says:
September 25, 2012 02:24 PM
ive been bonking my limit of coho and fishing for steelhead after every day this week, it is completely legal and i have hit 3 steelhead doing so, nice slaying bro, ive been killin coho too but all on eggs, i need to get slammed on some hardware!
#24 c_saeteurn says:
September 25, 2012 06:23 PM
didn't see a part II, maybe just a little to much of gin an tonic. I would love to get my hands on some of your jugs
#25 c_saeteurn says:
September 25, 2012 06:23 PM
jigs, jigs...damn
#26 jumpinjim says:
September 25, 2012 08:37 PM
there was a part two but youtube took it down said it was too long Only like 12 minutes. So I am going to post another one with a speed jig tie! Won't be till I get back from a trip though
#27 montana_sam says:
September 26, 2012 07:51 AM
When you fish the blue fox do you fish with the single hook?
#28 jumpinjim says:
September 26, 2012 12:04 PM
Montana that is correct. Almost all my spinners have either single 1/0 or 2/0 hooks most without barbs because I fish the nooch and satsop frequently enough that most of them have been converted. I have a few with trebles still because they are brand new but I don't bother using them unless I am unable to land fish repetitvely which has not been a problem, I've lost a few but not enough to feel the need to swing grappling hooks at em..
#29 bkawafishin says:
September 26, 2012 04:30 PM
I have been completely skunked on Jigs so far this year. Last year I did pretty well twitching them things, and this year..nada. Do you find they work in the lower river, or do you mostly only use them in the upper part (around 405)? I'm thinking I need some of those long tailed obnoxious ones you tie, haha. I'm going to poke around online and see if anyone sells anything comparable.
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