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Snohomish River (Snohomish County) Fishing Report
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Name: Date: August 12, 2013 Rating:
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Wow, just wow! Hit the lower Snohomish river at 5:30am yesterday, it was sill dark so I let some time pass. Then I hear "splash"! I herd about fifteen fish surface in ten minutes so I knew a school a fish were passing through! It was go time! Two casts in "bam" fish on! It was non-stop for 30 minutes then it died. So I i guss the school passed. So I headed Down farther to another spot with jumper. Once again it was non stop fish on! O'yeah I was using a 50/50 yellow and silver dick night!
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#1 gdbrooks22 says:
August 14, 2013 09:36 AM
Catch any keepers? I was out at langus riverfront park at 5:30 and saw a bunch rolling on the far side (way too far for my little jig) but it only lasted for half an hour or so, the next hour wasn't much, was about 8 people fishing the bank there, maybe someone will catch somethin today on the snohomish but sadly it wont be me, Gotta goto work :(
#2 FishingThePacNW says:
August 15, 2013 10:50 PM
Was the tide in or out when you were fishin? And also where we're you fishin on the lower river?
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