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Antilon (Chelan County) Fishing Report
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Name: Jordan Date: May 29, 2011 Rating:
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after a pretty dang good day at Roses Lake the wind kicked up and blew us off the lake so we headed up to Lower Antilon aka Long Jim Reservoir. We ended up catching 27 Brown Trout between 3 of us we only kept a few that were 14"-16". Almost every fish was over 11" and they were all extremely fat and healthy fish! We also ended up catching 10 Crappie that were over 10" but only kept 4 that didn't have fat belly's with eggs in them. Fun day and looking forward to going back soon!

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#1 afk says:
May 31, 2011 06:57 AM
Good stuff! Thanks for the report.
#2 blufin loui says:
May 31, 2011 05:59 PM
I have been wondering what the crappie in Antilon were doing. Sounds like Pre-spawn. YAAAAHOOOO. That place gets hot and heavy when the crappie are active. thanks for the report and hope to see ya on the water
#3 Jordan says:
May 31, 2011 06:02 PM
you bet guys! Blufin! I found a "secret lure" to catch the Brown's and nice Crappie. I think we should meet up and take a day trip up there! tons of fun and love the lake!
#4 MotoBoat says:
May 31, 2011 11:05 PM
That is interesting that it appears so calm on Antilon while the wind is brewing down below at Roses. Nice pics, your friend doesn't appear to be smiling quite as much. Were you schooling him on the catch rate.
#5 Jordan says:
June 01, 2011 11:02 AM
yeah Antilon is way up in the hills and is very sheltered compared to the other lakes.. and the water temp at Roses was 60 degrees and at Antilon it was 54. He was frustrated when we first got up there.. My dad caught a couple he didn't have anything and I was doing really good. Found a "secret lure" that was the trick. Then he switched over to it and caught a bunch of fish.
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