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Aberdeen (Grays Harbor County) Fishing Report
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Name: Bigpoppapump Date: April 30, 2011 Rating:
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First thing I want to apologize for the late report, this was me and my son's annual opening day of the lowland lakes opener excursion. We went to Grays Harbor Counties Lake Aberdeen, we fished from shore right alongside the big old waterpump (dockside), we arrived real early about 4:00am started to fish but didn't start getting any bites till around 6:30am. My son caught the first fish it was a small stocker about 12" and it was hooked right on the lip so we released it. Then I got a hit and set the hook and the battle was on, this beauty made about 7-8 runs, peeled off some line and we finally got it in the net, it was a beauty about 16' and 2-3lbs. Well that was just the start of our awesome morning, I hooked 3 more fish within about 2 hours time and each one was bigger than the last! The final fish was 18" 5lbs a real beauty, we were fishing on the bottom with a slip sinker and #8 Gamakatsu red hook, while using rainbow glitter powerbait. So I would have to say it was a fantastic opening day of fishing and one that my son & I will always remember. By the way a little tip if your gonna fish from shore at lake Aberdeen, definitely bring a very long handled net to reach out for those fish.
Thanks and have a great day

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#1 knotabassturd says:
June 02, 2011 08:17 PM
Wow, those are some nice trout! They put steelhead in there every once in awhile too. That would be a real challenge from shore :-) Nice to see a father/son successful opener.
#2 snake7676 says:
June 02, 2011 08:28 PM
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