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Skykomish River (Snohomish County) Fishing Report
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Name: natetreat Date: June 09, 2014 Rating:
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Quick report to check in for opening week. Fished the sky hard today. Found the dollies were active, but the hatchery fish are booking it up river. We had one steelhead on that quickly broke off. Also brought in this beautiful cutt, chased our bait to the boat on the retrieve.

The Sky has been fishing fair to well. the kings aren't really in yet, we've been hooking a few here and there, but steelhead have been available, Haven't fished at Reiter, but from what I hear, they are doing pretty good up there.

My best bets for kings have been sand shrimp cocktails, for steelhead nightmare jigs in 1/8 oz and 10mm beads under floats. Orange, and more orange.

Here's a quick pic from today...

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#1 Reel Priorities says:
June 10, 2014 10:56 AM
Nate, those are some beautiful fish that you and your client picked up there. Looks like you guys had a great float.
Wishing you the best, and a very successful season, my friend.

Tight lines,

Ryan Hung
Reel Priorities
#2 slupot says:
June 12, 2014 03:54 PM
Such a beautiful dolly!
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